About Us


We are a small family run business with a BIG heart, and we are super excited to be bringing South Africa and its vibrant culture to Malaysia. Originally based in Australia we decided to set up shop after seeing a hole in the Malaysian market for South African products by creating an avenue not only for South Africans residing in Malaysia but for Malaysia as a whole as we wanted to share our culture and food that we are so proud of, with you all.

At Mzansi2you we offer a comprehensive range of South African products which are expertly sourced to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality. We have a dedicated import division that ships all our groceries in from South Africa. We import  trusted brands that everyone grew up loving from All Gold, Knorr, Bakers, Castle to name but a few. As we South Africans would know our food is bursting with flavors and spices and we offer various spices and sauces to achieve just that. If it’s a Sunday Braai (BBQ) you looking to have or a traditional meal we stock all the necessary ingredients for you to achieve that authentic taste of home. We also stock a small selection of wines, beers and spirits.

Trading exclusively on the internet we ensure that customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.  Mzansi2you distributors of South African products in Malaysia.